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November 5, 2008

Obama Front Page
World Gone Mad The president elect is black, the spectre of socialism looms over America, and across the pond, Morrissey is fat.

Socialism in A Landslide!
Chaplain Montag
USSSA (United Soviet Socialist States of Ameroika) WATCH is a new feature here at ILP,S! Let’s see how long it lasts!

DAY -77: “President. Elect. Obama.” Let those words rattle around in your head for a minute. Don’t you realize what this means?


It’s here. And it got here on an avalanche of 338 presumably committed electoral votes and unprecedented (in recent history) popular support. But we can’t truthfully say “socialism is here,” for it won’t be here until sometime in the second half of January. The next seventy-some-odd days will be a period of transition. A transition to socialism!

This transition period between the election and the inauguration will be a critical time. It will be a time for Obama’s extreme, hard left supporters to take action, to provide cover as the president elect shifts his policies and proposals leftward from the centrist rhetoric of the campaign trail, even lefter than the marginally left-of-center rhetoric of the primaries, where cunning left-centrism was vital to defeating the Clinton Juggernaut. While it is probably still too early to publicly bring Comrade Ayers into the fold, it is most certainly not too early for the transition team to lay plans to reverse the effects of some of Obama’s more centrist votes in the Senate.

Some of Obama’s centrist tendencies will of course remain necessary. The campaign pledge to increase the size of the military by 92,000 souls, and recent improvements on the government’s ability to spy on citizens will both prove vital when martial rule, and the ideological purge become necessary as the people react to the crushing effects of socialism. In the meantime, loyal socialists will assuredly rest easy in anticipation of the redistribution of the $700 billion of Wall Street bailout money Obama helped pass the senate, not to the moguls who heroically made that wealth (with nothing but a bunch of bad debts!) in the first place, but to supporters lining the inaugural parade route.

Make no mistake about what we face here! Socialism is bad. A dangerous ideology that places people above institutions, and increases dependence on solidarity with one’s fellow man is as unamerican as breadlines and fake apple pie. America’s strength is in the infallibility and strength of its institutions and its workforce, toughened by individualism, perfected through uncompromising Social Darwinism. The American ideals of personal responsibility, unrelenting hard work and the exploitation of surplus labor for profit cannot be diminished! Though “They” will try.

How will They do it? Let us get back to those extreme, hard left supporters to taking action to move things leftward. ILP,S! has it on good authority that “progressive agitators” like David Sirota have plans “to battle centrist elements in the Democratic Party and to ‘sweep out’ Clintonites and moderates from the party establishment and get a ‘whole new crew in there.'” They will be foolish not to make their move during this crucial transition phase. One need look no further to see Obama’s complicity in the socialist agenda than the man he has chosen to lead his transition team. ILP,S! has it from the same impeccable source as above. That man is “former Clinton administration Chief of Staff John Podesta.”

Wait, what?

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