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Obama is a Socialist. A Black Socialist!

October 28, 2008

BY NOW YOU’VE HEARD that Barak Obama is a transparently socialist candidate, groomed for power by radical socialist terrorists, who will presumably take up the mantle of extralegal unitary executive powers to usher in something like a Stalinist police state.

The Obama Socialist meme which started with a handful of the more rabid right-wing partisans, (who will relish hating to tell us they told us so,) seems to be gaining traction in the mainstream media, if only because John McCain is touting the accusation in his campaign as he decries The Other’s alleged desire for ‘redistribution of the wealth.’ To the players who play at national party politics as if national party politics were of anything more than nearly complete irrelevance to the course of government or the fate of its subjects, this narrative could prove very useful. For whatever steps taken by the federal government to deal with financial turmoil will in some way resemble Socialism, and will be described as such by right-wing cheerleaders.

Don’t get me wrong! The financial powers who fuel the aspirations of our rulers want these steps to be taken! Look no further than the recent bailout legislation which enjoyed the bipartisan support of both major party candidates. The Socialism narrative simply gives cheerleaders and opinion makers the means to demonize the faction that gives them what their superiors wanted. You know, in the same way that partisans who oppose the Iraq War give cover to the Power Seekers who simply abhor the “handling of” the Iraq War.

As to the exercise of extralegal unitary executive powers, I was just kidding! While we already live under a paranoid surveillance state with an incredible prison population, a “Stalinist police state” is in no way realistic here on the ground, so long as our rulers wish to maintain the thin but reliable facade of nominal democracy that obscures their political apparatus. Though, “It’s Obama’s Great Purge!!!1!!” will make an effective slogan should investigations of war crimes of the previous administration come to pass, hell, even if prosecutions of political corruption continue.

  1. October 28, 2008 12:51 PM


    The Republicans seem to be working backwards through the archives of “All The Stuff That Worked One Time”….. I have a reliable source who tells me that if this McCarthy type stuff doesn’t gain enough traction, they’re going to accuse Obama of being against Prohibition!

  2. MR Bill permalink
    October 29, 2008 9:56 AM

    I suspect the Puppethead is onto something here.
    I’m not sure if there is time left for the Republicans to point out Mr. Obama is for allowing Black folk to vote, however…

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