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GG_080606: Maher Arar

June 6, 2008

Some things were said in a congressional hearing, of all places, yesterday and this morning they were played on the radio. — Listen Now [3 min 57 sec]Lawmakers Revisit Canadian’s Terrorism Arrest

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  1. June 8, 2008 11:19 PM

    to comment on my own post, my favorite part was congressman rohrabacher keepin’ it real:

    this was a mistake, and we should admit our mistakes, and it should be open to the american people, but to bring a prosecutor or something like that in, with the idea that this might represent a criminal intent is absolutely the wrong way to go.

    an allegedly innocent man was sent to syria where he was allegedly tortured. “whoopsie! that was a mistake.”

    criminal intent or no, can we really take a mulligan on something like that?

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