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February 6, 2008

It’s already been a jam packed week and it’s only Wednesday!

February 3 — Sunday ended up being Stupor Bowl Sunday when Our Forefathers failed to vanquish mythological monsters, the Giants, in the most unamerican football result ever. Sunday was also the anniversary of the infamous Blogroll Amnesty Day, which we will mark now, three days late, by simply noting that here at I Miss Fafblog, Spot we employ a blogroll policy similar to the “liberal blogrolling policy” of Jon Swift: We notice you linking to IMFB,S – we add your link to the rolls. Simple. Long live the cause of discovering and promoting fellow “small blogs!”

February 4 — Monday was an entire day set aside for It wasn’t Just a Bad Dream, the Patriots Really Did Lose the Stupor Bowl angst.

February 5 — Yesterday was Fat Tuesday, and I made it through the entire day without lifting up my shirt and throwing necklaces of plastic beads at adoring spectators. Yesterday also ended up being Stupid Tuesday by virtue of the vast amount of shameless pandering and soul-selling necessary to fuel multiple presidential campaigns. It was also Day of Shame, the anniversary of Colin Powell’s presentation of the “evidence” of the (grave and gathering) “threat” to “The Homeland” as posed by “Iraq.” But take heart, I’m told Jar Jar Binks hasn’t yet been called upon to deliver his similar speech. Yet.

February 6 — Up here in my neck of the woods, today is Ronald Reagan Day! More for the visuals than the soundtrack, (though it is a pretty cool tune,) here is a video to commemorate the occasion:

Is it anything else today?

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