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December 11, 2007

gracious wife
Image: Northern Star Press

Who’s on YOUR speed dial?
Chaplain Montag of the First Knights of the 19 Quart Lobster Pot

While I appreciate the attitudes about marriage Reverend Cavendish shared here this past Sunday in the course of his eloquent endorsement of Mayor Giuliani, and in spite of his equally eloquent, though vitriolic, sleight against candidate Mike Huckabee, I contend it is Huckabee who holds the higher ground in the arenas of marriage and strength of leadership.

Huckabee’s vision of marriage is one that calls upon wives “to graciously submit to their husband’s sacrificial leadership.”

Really, that’s about all there is to say about that. Huckabee’s is a leadership that inspires submission. Giuliani’s marital track record indicates that he is perhaps too “sparing with the rod,” if you take my meaning.

If Giuliani can’t inspire submission in the ones who vow to love, honor and obey him, how can he be expected to dominate terrorists, despots, world leaders and the working class?

We need a potent, manly leader who isn’t afraid to “throw the rod around,” if you take my meaning. And in case you don’t, my meaning is this: It’s not just about justice, diplomacy, and politics. It’s about what happens when They refuse to submit.

All the better if he’s got a hot-line to the Man Upstairs. Mobile phones aren’t just for “booty calls,” Mr. Mayor.

Who’s on YOUR speed dial?

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