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The Futuristic Fireman

November 30, 2007

Futuristic Fireman
My literary namesake gets ready for BUSINESS!

Why did our authors of dystopian authoritarian nightmares have to be the ones to turn out so darn prescient?

When going to private residences, for example, [the firefighters] are told to be alert for a person who is hostile, uncooperative or expressing hate or discontent with the United States; unusual chemicals or other materials that seem out of place; ammunition, firearms or weapons boxes; surveillance equipment; still and video cameras; night-vision goggles; maps, photos, blueprints; police manuals, training manuals, flight manuals; and little or no furniture other than a bed or mattress.

Hey… I’m often discontent with our government… and my office is full of blueprints… Also in my office: cameras, photos, a road atlas…

Sounds like I’m a can of acetone and a digital voice recorder away from a visit from the fire inspector.

The Raw Story: Firefighters battle terrorism
The Raw Story: Firefighters asked to report people who express discontent with the government

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