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WTF Lockdown?! (Or: The Opposite of Seeking Justice Through Empowerment)

September 21, 2007

Delaware State University is locked down:

“They’ve been directed to stay in their dorms,” university spokesman Carlos Holmes said. “We don’t know where the shooter’s at.”

Gates at the university’s main entrance prevented people from driving onto campus. [Associated Press: 2 students shot at Delaware State Univ.]

“Lockdowns,” are a prison technique. Fehlleistungen pointed this out after the Virginia Tech shootings.

Q: Assuming the shooter didn’t immediately flee the scene of the crime, and is still within the locked down area, what does a lockdown accomplish? A: The trapping of 1500 or so innocent people who might feel safer just going home early for the weekend, in an enclosed area, with an armed and dangerous fugitive.

And parents and loved-ones are locked out. Q: How fucking desperate would I be if my kids were potentially in harm’s way and I couldn’t get to them and they weren’t allowed to leave? A: Very.

I don’t know anything about law enforcement. But it seems as though roadblocks at the gates that keep people from entering while allowing those who want to leave to do so; would give the police an opportunity to look for a suspect, or do some profiling, or whatever the fuck it is they do, without… I don’t know… infringing on Liberty.

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  1. September 21, 2007 2:07 PM

    One of you fuckers shot somebody and nobody’s leaving ’till we figure out who. We don’t trust a damn one of ya.

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