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Carnival of the Liberals #43: Yet Another Poetry Edition

July 18, 2007

COTL LogoWell, it’s noon somewhere, right? Better a little ‘late’ than a lot ‘never.’ Here is your Carnival of the Liberals #43: Yet Another Poetry Edition (Co-authored by us, Fehlleistungen and Montag. (Thanks for bailing me out, F!))

Here at Stump Lane we have dark gray text on black background. If you prefer black text on white, click ‘stump lite‘ in the right hand column under ‘themes’ and We’ll fix you right up.

It seems that the college system is built
to keep you in debt or to keep you out.

[JiveFood Left writes: Ten Things Wrong With Education]

Who gets the historical love?
Never the deist Paine;
Freedom and equality
today we can not even feign.
(or: rather a fascist reign.)

[MODI at KILL BIGOTRY! … in Our Society and in Ourselves writes: History’s Hit Job on Thomas Paine]

The better angels of our nature
Won’t let us marry our dogs;
But those accursed atheists
Sure can write a-moral blog(s).

[Melissa McEwan at Shakesville writes: Atheists Can Answer; and So I Do]

Victim not to gays
but to insidious ladies?
Vitter’s idea of what makes a man
Could use a good assfucking.

[Jon Swift writes: David Vitter: Another Victim of Gay Marriage]

The president is disingenuous. Or haven’t you noticed?

YOU: “Where’s the rhyme, is this some kind of trick?!”
ME: “No. Go read the post, it’s a limerick!”

[Mad Kane writes: Message: I Share … Your Goals. (Bush to the Revolting Republicans)]

Secular democracy
Steeped in hypocrisy
Headed for catastrophe

[Vjack at Atheist Revolution writes: Redemption for America]

Make like a new Johnny Appleseed:
Plant some trees,
For the future to breathe!

[Phil for Humanity writes: Deforestation and Global Warming]

Immigration and the Great American Idea,
Go together like the continents to form Pangaea.
The problem with bi-lingual-o-phobia,
Is that it ain’t gonna solve anybody’s fucking problems.

[Hell’s Handmaiden writes: Tancredo’s Goal Post]

Who is the enemy?
Not little old me!
So why do we need all the RFID?

Have more faith in your fellow human—
More cameras: they be loomin.

[Fallingout writes: Target You]

America’s Our’s,
but with problems, let’s face it.
When it’s broke, we must “fix” it,
When it’s not, let’s not break it.

[Daylight Atheism writes: America the Paradox]

That’s ten right? Great work liberals, one and all. Keep up all of the good work. The next Carnival will be at The Richmond Democrat, and you WILL SUBMIT. Early and often. More information at the official Carnival site, too. Many thanks to TNG for all the work he does keeping this thing running.

And remember:

It’s not ‘catcher’ or the ‘rye’ that you put in your bread
it’s ‘rhy’ like the rhyme that I put in your head…

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  1. July 18, 2007 6:29 PM

    Great job! Amusing presentation, thoughtful selection … and a new blog to read. Thanks!

  2. July 19, 2007 8:54 AM

    A letter to the editor in this morning’s Boston Globe deals with Vitter’s “sexual wanderings” – and ends with the harshest language I’ve ever read in a letter to the editor of a major U.S. paper. I actually cracked up.

  3. July 19, 2007 1:21 PM

    Thanks for visiting, The Ridger!

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