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Next Time on Carnival of the Liberals…

July 11, 2007

COTL LogoYour Prodigal Montag will present the next Carnival of the Liberals (#43) here at Stump Lane, July 18, 2007.

Holy smokes, that’s next Wednesday!

Submissions on any topic are welcome. It’ll be a free form carnival. Though, the quickest way to my heart is through…

  • honoring the value of people and/or things-other-than-profits;
  • illuminating the philosophical truths that lead to a “liberal” worldview; or
  • taking our leaders to task for illogic/inanity/irrelevance.

And humor doesn’t hurt.

Following in the footsteps of certain past COTL hosts, and drawing inspiration from the likes of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Shakespeare, and Big Daddy Kane, I’m gonna try and rhyme it.

Pass in your submissions by high noon EDT, Tuesday the 17th; and I’ll do my best to have a Carnival ready for you by noon Wednesday. (Click the image above, or the red text down here, to go to the submission form.)

See also: the most recent edition of the carnival
And also: the COTL website.

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  1. July 13, 2007 2:05 AM

    Liberals, as you well know, are all godless atheists and do not fast during Lent. Therefore they are prevented by papal law from having carnivals.

  2. July 13, 2007 8:38 AM

    Or what?

    We’ll try it anyway. Will you submit something, Neil?

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