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June 18, 2007

If This Week’s Awards Had a Name It Would Be ‘Ed Hawk’

It seems appropriate that for a period that saw comments from myriad commentators such as:

Ed Amame
Cole Slaw
Shepherd Spy
Chris Cross
Dick Tate
Ty Rent
Dez Pot
Dom Inator
Ann Isotrophic
Ann Gina
Anne A. Phylactic
Arthur E. Tarian
Sy Cozo Matick
Sy Coffant
Ann Ihilate
Pa Thogen
Penny Tence
Horta Tory
Ella Borate
Art Teest
Miss Critical
Miss Shun Critical
Miss Shunairy

…that the I Miss Fafblog Comment of the Week, Spot! award go to one by the name of Miss L. Shield; who had this advice for Art Teest:

The last thing you want to do is deliver a finished piece, gauche or otherwise. You already know what they want to hear. Just bamboozle them with many words about the aspect ratio of eagle lift dynamics and pinpoint perspective. You should be able to get at least a couple mil for a feasibility study. Play your cards right and you could make a career out of this one.

Fantastic advice, Miss L. Shield!

Thanks once again to friend of the site Doug Richardson for linking. I think the Awards Committee speaks for all involved in saying, “We appreciate it!”

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