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Leave A-Hole Alone

June 1, 2007

[Friday music below.]

Apparently the tabloids in New York are on the case of their LOSER baseball team’s most effective weapon, Alex Rodriguez, (19 HR + 45 RBI = pretty incredible numbers for this time of year,) over his private life. The big news today in the legitimate sports press (i.e.: not tabloid) is that “A-Rod” has a new tabloid nickname.

My tabloid nickname for him is “A-Hole.”

Your Montag started calling him that after his ’04 ALCS game 6 interference play and crybaby performance. Though I might have given him a little slack ’cause of the chip on his shoulder over getting pwn3d by V-tek earlier that season, I didn’t.

Now, damn you, New York tabloids and legitimate sports press reporting on the tabloids, for making me defend A-Hole.

I say get off “A-Rod’s” case. Even I don’t want to see him slumping, especially because of personal off-field distractions. Because, to be honest, I’d rather see him shatter the single season home run record and eclipse whatever it is Barry Bonds is going to do this year.

But let’s get right down to the real crux of that Rodriguez article — the really important bitty-gritty:

The Yankees began the day at 21-29 and 14 1/2 games behind Boston in the AL East. [Yahoo! Sports – Associated Press: A-Rod acquires new tabloid nickname: ‘Stray-Rod’]


Yankees—Red Sox tonight.

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