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President Precog

May 24, 2007


See, that’s the kind of attitude — he says, okay, [we should have just] let [the Iraqis] live under a tyrant [Saddam], and I just don’t agree. I obviously thought he had weapons, he didn’t have weapons; the world thought he had weapons. It was a surprise to me that he didn’t have the weapons of mass destruction everybody thought he had, but he had the capacity at some point in time to make weapons. It would have been a really dangerous world if we had the Iranians trying to develop a nuclear weapon, and Saddam Hussein competing for a nuclear weapon. You can imagine what the mentality of the Middle East would have been like. [White House: Press Conference by the President]

First of all: Depends on how you look at it, I suppose— what your definitions of the world and everybody are —but, “the world thought he had weapons,” and, “everybody thought,” are plainly false. Your Montag won’t say it’s a lie, because I fear this man is fucking delusional.

Second of all: Bwuh… wha… ba… Uhhh… What?

“Shut up, Montag. I’m on a roll. Remember when I looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul? Well, I also saw the future. (He’s got the crystal eye balls.) It was a ferocious, scary future. And the Middle East was totally mental! They all had the nuke-u-lar madness. That was some crazy shit, right there. Trust me, we’re better off with Saddam gone. Even a thousand al-Quaedas would be better than having some delusional sycophant to fascism… with nukes… gettin mental in the Middle East.”

Hold me. I’m scared.

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  1. May 26, 2007 12:24 PM

    Bush is becoming a parody of himself.

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