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AmeriSUCK Idol

May 17, 2007

Idol Moves Melinda Along — Sure, I was for Sanjaya the Idol Destroyer, but since he’s out, y’all might have considered going with, I don’t know… singing ability? Alas, We have forsaken true ‘merit.’ (I think it is pretty obvious what goes on here, what the measure of an American Idol is.) — You know we’re done for when these words are strung together to form a sentence in the English language: But Doolittle’s near-flawless renditions of [the three songs she sang] were not enough to keep 17-year-old phenom Jordin Sparks and beat-boxin’ original Blake Lewis out of next Tuesday’s season finale. — I think we would do well to listen to what Studs Terkel is trying to tell US. (There’s an American idol.) —

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