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May 14, 2007

Image courtesy Ken from Ken’s Kitchen

What is This “Monday” of Which You Speak?

Or: Something Small Falls Out of Your Mouth and We Laugh.

Wow. It was a banner week for the I Miss Fafblog Comment of the Week, Spot! competition. So, with a minimum of fanfare, The Awards Committee will just get right down to naming names. Starting, in no particular order, with your runners up:

The one-and-off commentator, Dustin Hoffman as Lenny Bruce, may have been nothing more than the Awards Committee itself masquerading as ‘Dustin Hoffman as Lenny Bruce’. If that was the case, then the Awards Committee tickled itself pink with this advice for Gonzo’s Prosecutorgate testimony:

Say this chick came into the apartment with a sign around her neck that said, “I have malaria. Lie on top of me and keep me physically active or I’ll die.”

And chances are, man… they’ll believe it. Do you know why?

Because they wanna believe it.

[Read the rest!]

MR. Bill conjured the imagery that would become the composition of this week’s Pope Post, (though I’m not sure he’d want to take credit for that per se):

And entirely off topic, Der Speigel has a headline “Pope attacks Mexico City Politicians”.

I didn’t read the article, but I’m hoping it’s with the new Guided Missile shooting Popemobile and the Laser Papal crosier.

Our resident scholar, mistah charley, ph.d. told of Biblical man eating lions, for which he would receive a well-earned nomination for The Award from The Deli Llama:

The direction this discussion has taken reminds me of the thought-provoking 7th verse of the Gospel of Thomas:

Jesus said, ‘Fortunate is the lion that the human will eat, so that the lion becomes human. And foul [cursed] is the human that the lion will eat, and the lion will become human.’

[Read the rest!]

Reigning champion, Mark R told the lonesome (mournful?) tale of the Sumatran rhino, which seems especially poignant these Fafless days:

The Sumatran rhino is solitary for most of its life. The home range of a rhino overlaps with the home ranges of several other rhinos and animals occasionally meet, but they do not stay together for any length of time.

[Read the rest!]

And darn you, MarkC, with your infernal comments which seem to emanate from beyond infinity, and their overflowing raw potential! This one, if nothing else, must surely ensure MarkC of a first ballot election to the Hall of Fame, or a lifetime achievement award or something:

Relax, Ken. Some of the same basic physical laws that cause socks to go missing during the laundry process apply to the extraction and transport of expensive fluids from the ground.

[Read the rest!]

And lastly, your winner of the most stridently fought IMFBCOTW,S! thus far … Your new I Miss Fafblog Commentator of the Week, Spot! … bodiciah t rentlord III! … (Unabridged.):

I’m sorry The Deli Llama, I think you’re on the wrong thread. The June Taylor dancers can be found by scrolling on up, you’ll see them posing next to Joseph Ratzinger who is modeling his traditional Bavarian lederhosen and Coca-Cola cup.

What we have here are a couple species of Blatant Narcissist, strange but all too common birds frequently found in proximity to cameras. On the left, we see the Self-defeating Rich-twit, (Struttinus Incompetenus) which attempts to camouflage its pathological craving for approval with displays of irrational bravado. Unfortunately for the Rich-twit, these displays usually do not achieve anything and, paradoxically, prevent the Rich-twit from getting the approval it needs. To the right we see an excellent specimen of a Histrionic Crowdcatcher (Grandstandinus Maniaci). This attention sucking bird is widely known as the Lookit-Me bird, because of its repetitive call of, “Hey_You! Lookit_Me Lookit_Me Lookit_Meee.” A voracious feeder, this bird is truly a bottomless pit of neediness and will shamelessly charm, beg, threaten, clown around, dance, or sing as needed to keep everyones attention focused on itself. Seen here in a fairly typical pose caricaturing one of the June Taylor Dancers.

Good on ya, bodiciah t rentlord III!

Thanks to Zaius Nation for including us on the link rolls, and thanks yet again for Jon Swift’s “liberal” linking policy.

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