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May 2, 2007

Fluffy vs. Mechagodzilla
Fluffy vs. Mechagodzilla

Like Laff-a-Lympics… On Caffeine
Commentators, ink your quills. Lurkers, prepare to disenlurk.

QUESTION: What two figures, living, dead or inanimate; current, historical or fictitious; past, present or future; would you want to see ‘throw down’ — and in what type of contest?

Answers may range from the thought-provoking:
Average U.S. citizen circa 1998, with no knowledge of the past seven years vs. present day George Bush. — Debate on the limits of executive power and/or allowable government behavior.

…to the traditional:
Mark Twain vs. Ben Franklin. — Contest to see who’s more complimentary about the hypothetical dinner you’ve prepared for your favorite historical figures.

…to the ridiculous:
Spaghetti vs. M1 Abrams tank. — Beach volleyball.

…to the sublime:
Baseball cap inverted and reversed into a “rally cap.” vs. tree falling in the woods when nobody is around to hear it. — Engineering contest to develop a space vehicle that can travel at speeds approaching the speed of light.

They may even have a theme:
Zardoz vs. Mount Rushmore. — Good, old fashioned rumble. (Sure there’s four against one, but Zardoz can fly, and has guns!)

Remember, if you give your answer in the form of a comment, you’ll automatically be in the running for Comment of the Week, Spot!

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