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April 30, 2007

Image courtesy Ken from Ken’s Kitchen

Meet the New IMFBCOTW,S! Same as the Old IMFBCOTW,S!

INTERNETS — MarkC has been selected for an unprecedented third term as Commentator of the Week at storied web log I Miss Fafblog, Spot!

“Guy’s a regular Faffen Franklin Delano Roosevelt,” anonymous sources close to the contest said.

Any concerns over the appearance of impropriety, or aspersions that MarkC’s three week consecutive tenure flies in the face of democratic traditions, were flogged mercilessly and ditched on the side of a remote country road by the maverick sole voting member of the awards committee.

Allegedly, there was talk of honoring the complete and unabridged works of Sam Handwich’s dramatic saga of the goings on over to Croydon Manor Estates, but the daunting cut and paste job [that the awards committee would have had to undertake –ed.] was deemed “too onerous.”

The committee also gave their most honorable mention to Kevin Hayden’s one liner, “Dems are from Mars, Bush is from Uranus,” and expressed thanks to “all of the commentators of the world who took the time to commentate [at IMFB,S!] this week.”

Complete transcript of the winning entry follows:

No, the “height of cynicism” would be the ten thousand mile tall Lieberbot that Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle built when they leased the same lab six years ago. Initially, the Lieberbot was intended to mate with Al Gore and produce cyber-human hybrids immune from the perception of impropriety. Sadly, something went horribly awry with the Lieberbot and it not only proved too narcissistic to breed, but broke loose from the underground lab. Soon, it terrorized citizens up and down the eastern seaboard by first lulling them to sleep with patronizing homilies and then ripping out their endocrine glands to make pie.

As for “ridiculous PR stunt,” I bow to Ms. Perino’s judgment in any matter beginning with the words “ridiculous PR.”

[End report.]

Well played, Magnificent Incumbent!

Thanks to CHARLIERBLOG3 for joining the ranks of the sympathizers in our blogroll, by linking to us, and to sites like Miss C Recommends who show continued support. Big hearty thanks!

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