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April 23, 2007


This comment from I Miss Fafblog Commentator of the Week, Spot! MarkC accomplishes three very important things…

Welcome back, Doodle Bean!

I see that BJ didn’t say anything about one of the oldest forms of cosmetic surgery: footbinding. I say we pool our resources and sell franchises for “Spot’s Golden Lotus Emporium”. Then, when it becomes the newest hot thing, we can use the resulting largesse to buy our own school bus and set out for Siberia. Sort of like the Partridge Family on a pilgrimage. Except with June Taylor instead of Shirley Jones.

C’mon, get happy!

…(1) in its own way, it says “Hiya, Doodle Bean! Good to have ya back!”; (2) it details an extremely lucrative loophole in Baby Jesus’ ban on certain medical procedures. A loophole which could spell untold riches for all the Fafmissen. Or at the very least help ensure our continuance after Teh Collapse; and (3) if those two things weren’t enough, MarkC closes with a warming plea for hope. Well done, MarkC!

This is also the time to give thanks. This week to Jon Swift for linking to IMFB,S! in an actual post! Thanks!

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