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Nine Degrees of Musical Bacon

April 20, 2007

Bass BoxlHere is a second installment of Your Montag’s new awesome way to do semi-random Friday music.

You’ve heard of ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’? Well this is like ‘Nine Degrees of Musical Bacon.’ Your Montag traverses the myspace music scene, following the trail of comments from one page to the next and picking out the song I like best from each artist. Links take you into the seedy world of the artist’s myspace music page.

This week, we examine the local music scene. (Local to Maine and New England.)

  1. Crow in the GardenCursillistas — Ethereal? Haunting? Nah, fuck it: indescribable.
  2. Poor BoyDominic and The Lucid — Pretty straight forward alternative rock, possibly a “jam band.”
  3. AmpersandBass Box — Sounds like one of them artsy European movie soundtracks… with human beatbox. [Pictured.]
  4. Tigris and EuphratesDylan — Crisp instrumental guitar work. The other selections have other stuff going on too, though.
  5. Fragments (Check out Showdown as well.) — SayLove — Hip Hop. She’s got a killer show on WMPG (Double Degree Program) Mondays 3-5pm, too.
  6. Against the WarKristina Kentigian aka K Soul — Hip Hop/R&B… and I’m feelin’ the message of dissent.
  7. The BunnymanMoshe — DJ/producer of progressive hip hop.
  8. DecayHiss & Chambers — Alternative rock with an 80’s aesthetic. (Stuff I like.)
  9. The Colour of WomenCambiata — They combined “rock, indie, and hardcore/metal music,” and ended up sounding like they wouldn’t be out of place on a commercial modern rock station.

No legitimate reviews or ratings, but if you’re pressed for time, I suggest checking out #s 5, 1, 8 and 6.

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