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National Anthem

April 20, 2007

Your Montag isn’t all that fond of the ritualistic singing of the national anthem before sporting events, but I’m considering tuning in early to tonight’s Red Sox — Yankees game to see this:

As a tribute to new Red Sox pitching ace Daisuke Matsuzaka, compatriot and Berklee College of Music professor Tiger Okoshi has arranged a version of the national anthem that melds jazz trumpet stylings with traditional Japanese taiko drumming.

The Needham resident will lead a special ensemble of Berklee musicians and local drummers as they perform the arrangement at Fenway Park before tomorrow night’s [now: tonight’s] game against the Yankees. [The Boston Globe: Oh, say can you cheer to a different drummer?]

Has Berklee College of Music professor Tiger Okoshi seen the rodeo scene from Borat, I wonder.

BORAT: I will now sing Kazakhstan national anthem to the tune of United States national anthem.

[MAYHEM ensues as anger spreads throughout the crowd, a horse is spooked and throws its rider.]

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  1. April 22, 2007 8:14 PM

    Uh-oh. Remember all the fuss last year when some Latino pop stars recorded the anthem in Spanish? I predict a riot.

  2. April 23, 2007 8:05 AM

    I didn’t see it because I missed the beginning of the game, I wonder if they even showed it on the TV(?) The game did go on, so I am assuming there was no riot.

    Perhaps the Globe article was enough to smooth the way for the professor’s new arrangement, the ideas of which sounded pretty neat. I’d like to have seen it.

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