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April 2, 2007

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Challenging the Accepted Situation of Continuous Flux… With Punctuation!

The comment of the week would have gone to Senator John McCain who said:

“There are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you and I could walk through those neighborhoods, today. The U.S. is beginning to succeed in Iraq.”

McCain made the comment after walking through Baghdad’s busiest marketplace apparently wearing a bulletproof vest and accompanied by, “100 American soldiers, with three Blackhawk helicopters, and two Apache gunships overhead.” But, alas, the good Senator didn’t make the comment in the I Miss Fafblog Comment Section, Spot!; feeling apparently, that a Baghdad press conference was an appropriate venue for making such a statement. So Senator McCain, along with the rest of us, is a LOSER.

Indeed he, and we, can only bask in the light shining off I Miss Fafblog Spot!’s own bodiciah t rentlord III in a nearly repeat victory. Rentlord’s comment approached perfection from every direction including the ingenious addition of an inexplicable, yet oddly, aesthetically awe inspiring— almost certainly poetically licensed —additional period below the paragraph:

Obviously the universe is a work in progress. As upgrades occur and patches are installed the very nature of reality changes. That explains why Popes are infallible in their own time but not consistent with each other. You know like the Windows 98 manual is useless with Windows XP.

We wondered at the period. We questioned our antiquated notions of conventional punctuation. Then, in search of deeper answers, we re-read the comment and questioned our faith in the ever-changing nature of operating system dogma. We ourselves were changed by our comment reading experience.

Well played, bodiciah t rentlord III!

It should be noted that Mark R. was a strong contender for the award with his astrology comment, but he attributed almost all of its content to Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Astrology site. Nonetheless, we thank Mr. R. for sharing those great words of wisdom with us here at IMFB,S!

Thanks again to Doug over at The Agonist, who has shown this site much support with linkage and such. Thanks also to Blue Steel of for blogrolling us, and to the Google search “fafblog,” which puts IMFB,S! second only to something called Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.

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