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News From the Easternmost State

February 21, 2007

It’s that time of year when, in the state of Maine, time slows to a near standstill and the fabric of space bends into a horseshoe shape, its theoretical ends, drawn as if by magnetic force, extend out toward a vergence on the event horizon of . . .
The Tournaments.

Nonetheless… (ok maybe somewhattheless,) here are some headlines:
1. Propane shortage still acute in Maine — Kind of important to hospitals, nursing homes and residences that rely on propane for heat.
2. York County sued over cell blood cleanup — Of import to inmates, and people who wonder about what’s up with our prison system.
3. PROPOSED BAN Lawmakers hook into bait fish issue — In all honesty, probably more important than The Tournaments to bait sellers and environmentalists; for mixed reasons.
4. Family skiing, cheap and close to home (Image.) — Amusingly important to women who dream of using motorcycle propelled pulley systems to launch their loved ones off ski jumps and bring them back to them like some kind of extreme motorized human yo-yo. —

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