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OFFAL Speaks the Truth

February 16, 2007

I’m not sure that the United States President simply speaking a truth necessarily constitutes a truth event, but there is, I believe, a certain importance that comes into play when he does it.

This is what OFFAL said — and it’s important to note that the implication was that this situation is undesirable:

…let’s put it this way, money trumps peace, sometimes. In other words, commercial interests are very powerful interests throughout the world.

No, he wasn’t talking about US. But still, that is beautiful. Instead of speaking truth to power, we have power speaking truth. Of course, we also probably have power not listening to or understanding the broader truth of which it speaks.

Here’s hoping anyway, that the act of that simple utterance might lead to reflection; to an earnest truth process; to an honest effort at fidelity to a truth; to ethics.

[Yes, that quote has been taken out of context. So, read on. That way it can’t be said that Your Montag didn’t provide the context.]

The full question and answer:

Q A lot of our allies in Europe do a lot of business with Iran, so I wonder what your thoughts are about how you further tighten the financial pressure on Iran, in particular, if it also means economic pain for a lot of our allies?

THE PRESIDENT: It’s an interesting question. One of the problems — not specifically on this issue, just in general — let’s put it this way, money trumps peace, sometimes. In other words, commercial interests are very powerful interests throughout the world. And part of the issue in convincing people to put sanctions on a specific country is to convince them that it’s in the world’s interest that they forgo their own financial interest.

And John, that’s why sometimes it’s tough to get tough economic sanctions on countries. And I’m not making any comment about any particular country, but you touched on a very interesting point.

And so, therefore, we’re constantly working with nations to convince them that what really matters in the long run is to have the environment so peace can flourish. In the Iranian case, I firmly believe that if they were to have a weapon, it would make it difficult for peace to flourish. And, therefore, I’m working with people to make sure that that concern trumps whatever commercial interests may be preventing governments from acting. I make no specific accusation with that statement. It’s a broad statement. But it’s an accurate assessment of what sometimes can halt multilateral diplomacy from working. [White House: Press Conference by the President ]

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