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Gang Activity: Talk About the Weather

February 14, 2007

Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. You spoke loud and clear the other week when Your Montag dared ask:

…is it even worth carrying on with [the Gang Activity] feature? From my standpoint, other than forcing me to post on Wednesdays, it hasn’t served its purpose. Our underpopulated comments section is just as underpopulated as ever.

Given the amount of discussion that went on in the comments on that post, and the fact that, as I warned, “‘new and improved’ Bazooka comics are for shit,” it may be hard to believe that I’d be back with more.*

Bazooka Joe 33“Here is what the interweb meteorologists have to say about the St. Valentine Storm.”

And looking out the window…

“Yep it’s snowing like all get-out.”

(If you were hoping for an actual riff on the actual joke, it’s been done before in this space.)

Indeed, it is storming. The shifting wind gusts are prefect for creating the condition that when snow-blowing one has a choice:

  1. Blow the snow back onto the area one has already cleared.
  2. Blow the snow up onto the side of one’s house.
  3. Blow the snow back into one’s face.

Note: this may be a corollary to the old campfire adage, “The smoke follows the fool.”

If you’ve ever been ‘the fool,’ you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Here’s a few of today’s Maine headlines:
Supreme court grapples with Dirigo Health
Indian inmates claim right to practice religion is denied
Price tag grows for Hollywood Slots project

*This will be the last awkwardly forced Gang Activity installment. I do still have a few of the old B.J. comics laying around, but will only drag them out when they are well-suited enough to the days events to make it a worthwhile endeavor.

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