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Dag, Goliath!

February 6, 2007

I don’t know what kind of lottery this guy won to get in on this witch hunt, but the article only names five (5!) “tunes.”

The allegation is that Hinds used an “online media distribution system” to download tunes, then distributed the copyrighted material to others. [Kenebec Journal: Augusta man sued by music industry]

“Distributed” meaning they were in his file sharing directory, it seems.

I think the recording industry is committing hara-kiri with this approach to stopping music sharing. Especially when the stuff you can get free and legal from independent bands and the smaller record labels on the internets is better than the shite the record companies are trying to protect.

Fuck exploitive corporations! I say we take our music money and tip our local independent musicians. Who’s with me?

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