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Mea Culpa and Miss Fafblog Pageant

February 5, 2007

Or: New Blogger Has Opened My Eyes…

…to the nonsense that was “moderated comments.”

A few months ago, when we switched to Haloscan comments, (yet left the Blogger comments turned on so as not to lose legacy comments,) comment moderation (for the old Blogger comments) was turned on, either automatically by the Haloscan installation, or more likely, through my own stupidity. In any case, this turn of events was unbeknown to me.

So this week, when Google forced us to move to New Blogger, the New Blogger Dashboard feature called to my attention several comments that were in moderation. (By several I mean nineteen.) At this late date, they have all been approved. Please accept my sincerest, deepest and humble-ist apologies for this travesty. I am certainly the worst blog host of all time.

We certainly hope that you will all come back and join in again with the knowledge that you will be welcomed and not excluded or moderated or censored in any way.

And to raise the stakes just a wee bit more, in a stroke of brilliance— the brilliance of stealing someone else’s idea (see: The Comics Curmudgeon) —I lay down the gauntlet of the “I Miss Fafblog, Spot Comment of the Week award.” A sort of Miss Fafblog Pageant, if you will. Coming soon to a sidebar menu near you!

So sharpen those poison pens and flex those acid tongues, cause it’s winner take all in a battle royale so improbable that hilarity, or mental anguish, are the only conceivable outcomes.

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