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Gang Activity: Why You Don't Talk to Me?

January 31, 2007

This is the Gang Activity post for this week. It’s a fairly standard Bazooka Joe joke. It doesn’t lend itself well to the issues on my mind today: Disappearing reconstruction money in Iraq / 300 children left behind ’cause their schools closed down in New Orleans / Safety and environmental regulations hamstrung by executive order.

I mean this—

Bazooka Joe 25“Where was the executive order to amend Executive Order 12866 on regulatory planning and review signed?”

“On the bottom!”

—doesn’t really work, does it?

I don’t even know if executive orders are signed on the bottom. I think they probably are; but who knows? There might be a cover sheet/signature page or some shit like that.

The thing is, I’m running out of Bazooka Joe comics, and the place where I’ve bought them at, doesn’t seem to carry them anymore. I could probably get my hands on “new and improved” Bazooka, but “new and improved” Bazooka comics are for shit. I could probably find old B.J. comics on the web and continue, or just use whatever comic strip works on a given week, sorta like this.

But is it even worth carrying on with this feature? From my standpoint, other than forcing me to post on Wednesdays, it hasn’t served its purpose. Our underpopulated comments section is just as underpopulated as ever. Where you at, people?

Do you, the 200+ visitors who visit here each day enjoy this “feature”? Hell, do the 200+ visitors who visit here each day read this blog? Or are there really just that many of you searching for “Huey from the Boondocks” or “Trent Reznor’s hair“?

NOTE: I am coming right out and asking for some feedback here.

It’s easy to leave a comment. Click the link down at the bottom right-hand side of the post that most likely still says (0) Commentate! and type in your stuff:

  1. Make up a fake name.
  2. Trust us we won’t sell your email to spammers and it won’t appear on this site.
  3. “URI” means web address; but you don’t need one to testify.
  4. Write as much as you want in the box. Unless you’re a spammer, it will not be edited or deleted by us. Anything goes from “Stump Lane has changed my life, thank you so much!” to “You suck, your blog sucks, and I hope you die of cancer.” Whatever it is, say it.

Ok. That is all.

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