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Humorless Account of the News I Read This Morning

January 29, 2007

1. How many protesters marched in Washington against the surge this weekend? — Thousands?Tens of thousands?Hundreds of Thousands?
2. Chevron holds talks with Iraq to build facility
3. Bill Would Ban Sale of Products Made in SweatshopsSen. Byron Dorgan … wants to stop [the] exploitation of workers by taking away the sweatshop owners’ profits. He has introduced legislation that would ban the U.S. sale of imported products made in sweatshop factories. — I don’t know the details of this legislation, but it is shameful it hasn’t been addressed before.
4. ‘We’re pretty sure about the vision, but we’ll never find another Hanley’ — Read about Maine native, Hanley Denning, who did something great. May her work continue now she is gone. —

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