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I Don't Know How You Do It in Your Neck of the Woods, but Your Visual Shtick Don't Play Here in the Internets

January 17, 2007

1. Troops Uncertain About Iraq’s Future — The view from harm’s way.
2. Ticking Bombast — Whan it comes to torture, don’t accept inferior ticking bomb scenarios anymore!
3. Iran President Sends Note to Saudi King — Iran and Saudi Arabia conspire to stabilize Iraq. — Time to bomb Iran! — Wait, was that reaction too knee-jerk?
4. U.S. Attorneys Quit; Senator Blames BushAttorney General Alberto Gonzales denied the claim, saying administration officials “in no way politicize these decisions.” — [spit take]
5. Weapons Found in Ruins in SyriaWAR CHEERLEADERS VINDICATED!!!! — Just as predicted, weapons have been found in “northeastern Syria … just miles from the border with Iraq.”

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