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Friday Pie Blog: Mimi’s Chocolate Cream Pie

November 17, 2006

[Cross Posted.]

Chocolate Cream PieMmmm, mmmm. There’s no pie can hold a candle to good ol’ Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pie!

“But what about good ol’ Old Fashioned Banana Cream Pie?” You might ask. And you’d be right. Old Fashioned Banana Cream Pie is awesome! But this pie blog is about Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pie.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pie is really old fashioned. Dexter Darrelrod calls it the “primordial pie.” In fact, many believe that Old Fashioned Chocolate Cream Pies hold the secrets of time itself. Through continued study, scientists believe the pies will eventually reveal to them the very nature of space and time and how the universe was born.

But you don’t have to unlock the secrets of space-time itself to come to know the almost equally inconceivable deliciousness of this pie.

Chocolate Cream Pie RecipeAt the base is a simple pie crust, almost any crust will do; and it is topped with household whipped cream; but the mystery, and timeless magic, live deep inside. The filling is a very nearly euthanasic cocktail of egg, sugar, milk, unsweetened, non-alkalized, American-style cocoa powder, flour, cornstarch, salt, bittersweet or semisweet chocolate, unsalted butter, and vanilla extract, brought to a boil on the stove, poured into its shell and chilled to godlike perfection.

“Hey wait a minute!” You might say, “This filling isn’t anything but chocolate pudding!”

To which I’d say, “Poppycock!”

To which you might say, “What’s up with the perfectly smooth pudding skin surface, then?”

To which I’d, in turn, say, “You’re darn right it’s perfect.

But that surface you seem so scornful of, isn’t pudding skin at all. What you are looking at is actually the event horizon; beyond which, there is a satisfactional field so intense that no appetite can escape. In fact, once within its grasp, nothing can escape it. Not even light.

To which you’d have nothing left to say but, “Wow. That’s some darn serious pie!”

And you’d be right.

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  1. the bewilderness permalink
    November 25, 2006 7:37 PM

    All that you say is true, however: Punkin’ Pie, Punkin’ Pie, Punkin’ Pie, W00T!

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