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Decision ’06

November 8, 2006

Virginia Madsen“Hey, Gizzard,” says me. “Our electoral system keeps on gettin weirder an stranger every time!”

“What makes you say that, Falkor?” Says Gizzard.

“How is it that Mr. Blonde’s blond sister an Billy Ray Cyrusses’ teenage daughter get to decide control a the Senate?” Says me.

“Why would we want it any other way?” Says Gizzard.

Hannah Montana“One a them isn’t even old enough to vote yet!”

“Don’t you always say, ‘the children are the future and they should have a say in what’s going to happen,’ Falkor?” Says Gizzard.

“Yeah, I guess I do,” says me.

“Well?” Says Gizzard.

“Uhhh… Ok then. It’s out of our hands now, anyway,” says me.

The events and characters depicted in this bloggoplay are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living, dead or bloginary, is purely coincidental… Or is it intentional? I always forget how that goes.

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