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Gang Activity: Joe and Doc are Dismayed by the Modern Electoral Process

November 1, 2006

Suggestion: read the original comic first to get a feel for the joke, then read the alternate version. You’re invited to leave your own take on the joke in our underpopulated comment section. Click here for past examples.

Bazooka Joe 15“Doc, I can’t tell which candidate should receive more votes in the election!”

“Did you try counting, Joe?”

“I counted up to 487,465.”

“Then through careful statistical analysis, you developed a reasonable prediction about the results?”

“No, it was time to purge or suppress thousands of legitimate voters, invalidate thousands of ballots with new draconian and/or confusing election regulations and employ unreliable, insecure and unverifiable electronic voting systems.”

I find that the lack of color, and the exceptionally emotive facial expressions in the last frame, suit the re-worked version quite well.

Whether ‘polite discourse’ permits us to say an election was “stolen” or not; and whether specific hypotheses of how it might have been stolen prove out or not; it seems compellingly obvious that our elections are being— if “stolen” is too strong a word for ‘polite discourse’ —unfairly manipulated.

The monkey business is happening again now for the several-th time in a row. (Just making a note of it.)

[Democracy Now!: Vote Suppression in 2006: Rule Changes Threaten to Disenfranchise Hundreds of Thousands of Eligible Voters (from the October 31, 2006 broadcast.)]
[Miami Herald: Glitches cited in early voting]
[EFF: E-voting]

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