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A Quick Post About Signing Statements

October 20, 2006

A couple days ago I read an account of the latest in a long line of incidents whereby the President chooses to disregard some law— or some aspect of a piece of legislation —passed by congress, by communicating his intention (or lack of intention) through a Presidential Signing Statement. [Air Force Times: Bush says he may ignore new war-funding law]

Apparently, the idea is, that these signing statements will carry some amount of legal weight, if the issue of the president’s ignoring of a particular law should come before the courts.

Does that shit really work? Because I could certainly use this in my life.

Here is a signing statement for closing on a home loan:

The Mortgagor, as property owner and occupier, being solely responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the property, may withhold and/or discontinue monthly payments if they decide that continued payment would impair their ability to meet urgent financial needs, or otherwise compromise their financial security; or, if mortgage interest payments are found to be excessive, or Mortgagor determines that said payments are in excess of the value of services received from the Mortgagee and/or the actual value of the property.

How much weight will this carry if Your Montag ends up in court facing foreclosure?

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