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Gang Activity: Joe Wonders if Mortimer Shouldn't Do Something About Nuclear Proliferation

October 11, 2006

Suggestion: read the original comic first to get a feel for the joke, then read the alternate version. You’re invited to leave your own take on the joke in our underpopulated comment section. Click here for past examples.

Bazooka Joe 30“Why don’t you do something to strengthen the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and work toward the goal of complete disarmament?”

“Axis of Evil states are developing nuclear technology and testing nuclear weapons outside of the NPT.”

“Why didn’t you do something before it got to this point?!”

“Before, only rational, non-evil states were developing nuclear technology and testing nuclear weapons!!!”

That’s not even funny; and I appologize for that.

Was the development of nuclear weapons an opening of Pandora’s Box? Or is it just the mechanism that will be used to destroy that which was left in Pandora’s box?

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