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Gang Activity: Jane Is Indignantly Proud of How Well Her War Has Worked Out

September 27, 2006

A weak offering for the “Gang Activity” category this week. Suggestion: read the original comic first to get a feel for the joke, then read my alternate take. And although I don’t always say so, you’re always invited to leave your own take on the joke in our underpopulated comment section.

Bazooka Joe 16“I conflated the government of Iraq with the 9-11 terrorist attacks and selectively used questionable intelligence to take military action and occupy Iraq myself, Joe!”

“Jane, the Occupation of Iraq is going awful!”

“Oh yeah! Smarty! The National Intelligence Estimate says it’s fantastic!”

[Washington Post (pdf file): Declassified Key Judgments of the National Intelligence Estimate Trends in Global Terrorism: Implications for the United States dated April 2006]

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  1. Make Love, Not War… A High Crime

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