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Prosecuting the War on Terror

September 12, 2006

1. Palast, Pascarella Face Homeland Security Charges — Investigative journalist Greg Palast, and a producer are in trouble for “filming a sensitive national security site owned by Exxon petroleum.” — Palast provides his own snark for this post: “Hey, aren’t you supposed to be looking for Osama? Or for guys with exploding shoes?”
2. Senators Visit Guantanamo Bay Prison“In my mind, the detainees are being treated in a safe and humane way.” — In my mind, Senator, Jessica Alba would find me irresistible . . . but that don’t necessarily make it fuckin so!
3. Republican Pushes Hardline Tribunal Bill…largely mimicking an administration plan to create military commissions to prosecute terror suspects . . . that would allow the exclusion of evidence to protect classified information . . . a rival bill [ ] would ensure defendants are allowed access to all evidence against them. — You see what they are doing here, right? It is now a choice between military tribunals where the defendant has the right to see the evidence against him, and military tribunals where he doesn’t. But, what about some judicial system, independent of the US military, where the defendant can bring all of his human rights to bear in order to defend himself? (Your Montag naively asks.) —

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