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Liberty From Above

August 14, 2006

Oh, what a gift it is we impart;
That which is universal!
Imposing our will o’er the clamoring shrill,
To “help people realize” the celestial.

Liberty, Freedom, Democracy,
(Not to mention equality,)*
The Fascists abhor what We adore,
All of these things— and peace!

Meanwhile, subjects flee and hide,
And live grim like ancestry;
Bombs hail from on high, a cleansing reign,
Rendering Liberty.

*Meaning don't mention equality. It's not in the calculus.

The preceding has been Your Montag’s submission for Carnival of the Liberals #19: Parody Poetry Edition. Put on your black nail polish, light a candle, and read this one aloud. (Inspired by a post from last week.)

UPDATE: A gutting defeat!

This post was not selected for The Carnival of the Liberals: Parody Edition. I am demoralized to not have been selected; especially with the Carnival being “light on submissions” this time around.

I won’t speculate ‘aloud’ as to why my poetry wasn’t included, but I’ll tell myself that it’s because of some SNAFU that caused my submission email to be lost, or late, or something; and not because I completely missed the point on the “parody” requirement, or that my poem didn’t turn out “funny” (at least not in the traditional sense, and perhaps not to anybody but myself.)

Nonetheless, I am happy with how the poem turned out, and I enjoyed writing and honing it, and will consider doing more poetic posts here at The Stump in the future. (If my ego can recover from this crushing failure, that is.)

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