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Fall Lineup

August 11, 2006

4:30 Leftists in Mexico Continue Protests“Vote by vote!” A close election falls into question when one party declares victory and refuses to count all of the votes. (2006 remake of the US classic.)
5:00 Foiled plan resembles 1995 scheme to blow up 12 commercial jets — (Repeat.) Police uncover a terrorist plot to explode 12 commercial jumbo jets en route to the United States. (1995.)
6:00 Israel Asks U.S. to Ship Rockets With Wide Blast — Politicians walk the tightrope over war-torn Lebanon; by trying to broker a cease-fire agreement while supplying cluster bombs to one of the warring parties.
7:00 Study Finds Immigrants Don’t Hurt U.S. Jobs — Researchers search for but instead find a “lack of any consistent relationship between the inflow of immigrants and native-born employment.” No word on the effects of illegal employers’ exploitation of status-less workers.
9:00 Cheney to Lamont: The Terrorists Have Already Won — Drunk with profound hubris— rather than extol their own strategy or performance in office thus far —a band of politicians ‘goes negative’ and attacks… the voters! (TV-MA, V, L) —

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