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Gang Activity: Joe Pleads With Mortimer to Address the Unprecedented Use of Executive Signing Statements

July 26, 2006

Here’s my alternate take on a Bazooka Joe comic. Leave your own take on the joke, and help breathe some life into our underpopulated comment area.

Bazooka Joe 7
“Senator Mortimer, won’t you please, please, please do something about the unprecedented, and thus far unchecked, consolidation of power in the executive branch, which manifests itself most brazenly in the disregard of the rule of law through the use of Presidential signing statements; and has resulted in, among other things, the violation of privacy, a disregard for due process, and torture— generally, a degradation of human rights!”

“If you’re scared, do what I do! Shut your eyes!”

[NewsHour (PBS): Signing Statements Undermine Law]

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