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Our Attorney General is a Douchebag

May 22, 2006

Attorney Gen.: Reporters Can Be Prosecuted — They told us the terrorists hate our freedom. They told us that to give in to the terrorists’ demands is to admit defeat. Now they tell us we must surrender our freedom to defeat the terrorists. What The Fuck? — Protecting national security and the people’s right to know when the government is breaking the law are mutually inclusive. — Lucy Dalglish says it weller than I: “I can’t imagine a bigger chill on free speech and the public’s right to know what it’s government is up to — both hallmarks of a democracy — than prosecuting reporters.”

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  1. May 24, 2006 3:50 PM

    I think the recent elections in Pennsylvania (where Dems made gains in largely Rep districts) really scared the shit out of Bush & Co. I expect over the next few months we’ll see an increasingly bipartisan Congress and paranoid White House. Should be fun!

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