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Fuck the Yankees -or- When Did 'Moment of Silence' Become 'Moment of Silent Prayer'?

May 10, 2006

Is a late news dump better that a never news dump? . . . Probably not.
1. Our international economic system is truly dependent upon oil. As such, a list of The Five Top Global Choke Points consists of five bottlenecks in the flow of much oil. — It’s pretty fucking obvious. Those of us who plan for the world to be around long enough for our kids to grow up need to kick the oil habit. I say the Iraq war debt and the financing of a potential Iran war should be paid for with a petroleum tax. I’ll bet that’d get energy consumers into the streets— like the immigrants —to demand a forward-looking non-insane energy policy.
2. Court weighing state’s rights in end-of-life case — Here’s an article that I would like to write a thoughtful post about, but that requires time. Here it is in a nutshell: brain-damaged baby, Docs suspect abuse, father charged but not yet tried, mother is around, but court grants the state custody. Should the state be able to make end of life decisions on the baby’s behalf (i.e. decide “do-not-resuscitate”)? Or, are we so cynical that we must take away all parental rights because the father might only be trying to avoid a manslaughter charge? —

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