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I’m an Idiot, but the Sox Win Nonetheless

May 8, 2006

Tickets… CHECK.
Sunglasses… CHECK.
Cash… CHECK.
Backpack… CHECK.
Bottled water… CHECK.
Sunscreen… CHECK.
Sweatshirt… CHECK.
Camera… AWW, FUCK! I’m at Fenway fuckin’ Park and I don’t have my camera! I could have got a bunch of great shots of the historic ballpark, too and had a backlog of Saturday Morning Posts, for you; but no— Your Montag is an idiot.

[Aside: No, Stump Lane is not turning into a sports blog. But you must allow me, Dear Reader, to indulge in my occasional diversions, please.]

Got to see a good game, though. Well… good if your a Red Sox fan and don’t mind seeing the Sox easily take the third game of a three game sweep of the Orioles 10-3, trailing in score only after the first half-inning, with V-Tek hitting the grand salami in the bottom of the first that would ice it. And, if it didn’t bother you that by rights it should have been Josh Beckett’s turn in the rotation to pitch, but you instead got to see Lenny Dinardo wow the crowd with two quick outs in the first, but then walk four guys in a row to give the Orioles that one run lead in the first, but then settle down and pitch an inefficient but effective five innings giving up just two runs. And, if you’re content with the offense putting up enough runs that you don’t get to see Papelbon close it out.

Red Sox get the win, the weather was great, Boston — as always — was great. I can live with all of it. I just can’t abide by the fact I forgot my damn camera. We’ve resolved to return this season, I’ll have my camera, and hopefully the weather will be as nice. [Shakes head, kicks self umpteenth time.]

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