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May 5, 2006

Alternate title: I Shit You Not, There Is Such A Thing as ‘Must See’ TV and Here It Is

And look how many categories this thing applies to. Rummy ran the gauntlet!

Democracy Now!: Retired CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Takes on Rumsfeld Over Justification for Iraq Invasion

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld [spoke] at the Southern Center for International Studies. Minutes after he began speaking, a protester held up a yellow banner that read “Guilty of War Crimes” and then began to shout. Moments later, Rumsfeld was interrupted several times by other members of the audience. By the end of his speech, security had escorted three protesters out of the building.

Rumsfeld then began taking questions from the audience. Ray McGovern, a retired CIA analyst who spent 27 years at the agency, questioned the Defense Secretary about the administration’s justification for the invasion of Iraq.

If your internet connection will take it, click here to watch the video.

Scary stuff, the way security handled the protesters, and even more so the way the audience members react to the dissenters. As Ray McGovern put it:

…I find it scary. These were ostensibly educated normal people, and their reaction was very much like the one that Goebbels stirred up. You can see it was a very unfriendly audience to anyone who posed any kind of question to the Defense Secretary. So — and listening to it, I’m sort of scared, because if this is indicative of the brainwashing that has taken place, it’s going be a long, long struggle…

Rumsfeld said some incredible stuff in the course of the conversation. You have to see it.

  1. May 5, 2006 3:09 PM

    Just amazing. Kudos to Ray McGovern for asking straightforward questions, directly to Rumsfeld – precisely the questions that the (huge, diverse, resource-rich, etc.) American media should have already asked, should currently be asking, repeatedly, until an acceptable answer is forthcoming. Also: does anyone have a sense of who the rest of the audience was? Was it a hand-picked audience of Rumsfeld supporters? I hope so – their reaction to McGovern’s questions would be less frightening to me.

  2. May 5, 2006 9:06 PM

    This event has all the markings of the staged events we’ve been seeing, especially the ‘friendly’ crowd that helps with the shout-down-drag-out handling of protesters. And McGovern said he “wrangled a ticket very surreptitiously.” So we might take some faith that the crowd was ‘stacked,’ if you will.

    What is the scarier element, though? The fact that such a crowd can be put together? Or that Our government is involved in STAGED events where our leaders are allegedly speaking directly to and getting feedback from the citizenry?

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