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Who (or Whom) and What, With a Bit of When and Where, for Good Measure

April 25, 2006

1. Illinois General Assembly may force impeachment proceedings: Bush Impeachment – The Illinois State Legislature is Preparing to Drop a BombshellShould HJR0125 be passed by the Illinois General Assembly, the US House will be forced by House Rules to take up the issue of impeachment as a privileged bill, meaning it will take precedence over other House business. — Is this for real?
2. Iran considers leaving the NPT so they will be free to continue doing something that is allowed under the NPT. Of course, then they would no longer be bound by the rest of the treaty, like the nonproliferation part: Iran Leader Hints at Exiting Nuke Treaty — As a member of the Blame OFFAL First Club, I blame OFFAL for this madness.
3. Consumers Union stands up for internet neutrality: Protect Your Access to an Open Internet — Nice letter there that anybody can send to their leaders in congress.
4. Mary McCarthy denies leaking information about secret prisons: Friend: CIA Officer Not Source on Prisons
5. Zarqawi is a sham and bin Laden is dead: Who is behind “Al Qaeda in Iraq”? Pentagon acknowledges fabricating a “Zarqawi Legend” and Osama bin Laden – a dead nemesis perpetuated by the US government
6. Keith Hernandez is a douchebag: Keith Hernandez reprimanded by Mets network for ‘inappropriate’ comments

  1. April 25, 2006 2:28 PM

    On that Illinois impeachment story; California is doing the same thing right now, and Vermont is moving in that direction, as well. Right now, it’s still at the local level, but I expect within the next few months that Cali will get the job done. Obviously, none of these actions will go anywhere in the House, but it sends a pretty powerful message as more and more states get involved. This is all grassroots stuff, and unprecedented (as far as I know) in American history. If nothing else it indicates a lot of people will refuse to sit back and let Bush take us into Iran.

  2. April 25, 2006 11:38 PM

    Right on,
    California Assemblyman Paul Koretz of La Ciudad de los Angeleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, baby, whose resolution “bases the call for impeachment upon the Bush Administration intentionally misleading the Congress and the American people regarding the threat from Iraq in order to justify an unnecessary war that has cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives and casualties; exceeding constitutional authority to wage war by invading Iraq; exceeding constitutional authority by Federalizing the National Guard; conspiring to torture prisoners in violation of the ‘Federal Torture Act’ and indicating intent to continue such actions; spying on American citizens in violation of the 1978 Foreign Agency Surveillance Act; leaking and covering up the leak of the identity of Valerie Plame Wilson, and holding American citizens without charge or trial.” Nice summary.

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