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Ragged and Fagged

February 28, 2006

Your Montag has the ‘outrage fatigue.’ Here is a half-hearted attempt to show you what I’m half-heartedly reading today…
1a. Bush Adviser Foresees Iraq Violence Lull — Official says the recent wave of violence in Iraq is going to wind down. — “They’ve stared into the abyss a bit, and I think they’ve all concluded that further violence, further tension between the communities, is not in their interest.”
1b-c. That despite the alarming death toll thus far, and the latest attacks.
1d. Volatile Days… — Riverbend reports from the eye of the storm.
2. Meanwhile, China Warns Taiwan Against Independence
3a-c. At home, perfectly sensible people rejoice over meaningless news despite our ineffectiveness in cases like this and against all of this.
4. A voice that affects our discourse: Bush says bin Laden tape aided re-election: report
5. Voices that may not be able to affect our discourse in the future: The End of the Blogosphere?
6. An image.

  1. March 1, 2006 3:46 AM

    Good to know bin Laden is controlling democracy in America.

  2. March 1, 2006 7:39 AM

    At the time, certain dipshits were telling us Usama wanted Kerry to win the election, and that we should vote the other way so as to not let UBL control our democracy. Logic is dead.

  3. March 1, 2006 7:05 PM

    Actually, Osama tried to vote for Kerry, but the electronic voting machine switched his vote to Bush.

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