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Orang Lenggor (Bigfoot) and Other News

February 22, 2006

1. Free Jill Carroll
2. Pa. governor to veto voter ID bill — Voter suppression legislation will fail.
3. WGME 13 is U N F A I R ! — Union struggles for an acceptable contract against the union-breaking assholes at a Sinclair Broadcast Group affiliate.
4. Will Collins let power trump her promise?“I expect to be on the ballot in ’08, but as a senator running for re-election, not as a presidential candidate.”LOL! Except— oops —back when she was young and foolish, she promised not to serve more than two terms in the Senate.
5. UK radiation jump blamed on Iraq shells — Did fallout from depleted uranium weapons used in Iraq travel all the way to Britain?
6. Society Claims To Have Scientific Evidence Of Bigfoot Colony — That’s right, these folks didn’t just see a Bigfoot, they’ve discovered and studied an entire community of ’em. The proof? They won’t say— yet.
7. Mosley fuels relegation idea“All kinds of motors will be allowed . . . but every car will get an equal amount of fuel. So it will be based on (fuel) consumption. Who wins will be the one who uses (the fuel) best.” — For the world, maybe too little, too late; but I like this idea nonetheless. Of course, you can’t believe anything about Formula 1 until after it happens; and then only if you see it yourself. Kinda like Bigfoot stuff. —

  1. February 22, 2006 4:14 PM

    I know this is pretty weak on my part, but I would be so overjoyed if Bigfoot was real. It would be like finding the Easter Bunny. Then I would be forced to shoot him, use his feet as ashtrays, and mount his head above my fireplace. Sweet!

  2. February 22, 2006 10:29 PM

    No no. That Bigfoot colony stuff is real. I see the evidence every day coming out of the White House.

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