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The Thoughts Inside Your Head are Your Own… 'Till You Get Your Implant, Anyway

February 13, 2006

1. Haitian Official Alleges Vote Manipulation — And protesters march: Runoff vote likely in tense Haiti
2. Meanwhile back at home, Congress prepares to roll over on Patriot Act after so-called “compromise”: Hastert Backs Compromise on Patriot Act
3. The War on PrivacyWill the Democrats become a truly serious opposition party before privacy disappears entirely?
4. Even some Republican Senators want to probe Cheney: Senators concerned over CIA leak report“…I think the facts will lead wherever they lead…”
5. Oops! – Bush Unaware Mikes Were Still OnOFFAL wiretapped! But it doesn’t provide any useful intelligence because he doesn’t have anything substantive to say.
6. An image — If you click on no other link today… —

  1. February 14, 2006 2:00 AM

    My favorite part of the Bush article; his private conversation was exactly the same as his public pronouncements. I saw a show once–can’t remember what show now–where one character could read everyone’s mind. Everyone would think one thing but say another. Except the stupidest character; he would think something then repeat his internal monologue word-for-word. I picture Dubya being like that. He “thinks” and then he speaks–nothing in between.

  2. February 14, 2006 2:35 PM

    Hey, that’s better than: Somebody tells him what to think in the morning meeting, and then later, on he says it — with nothing in between.

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