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February 10, 2006

1-6. There is a massive shitstorm going on in Washington nowadays. — There are six links there. Hover over a word for link source and story title.
7. Sweden plans to be world’s first oil-free economy — Silly Swedes! Have they consulted Exxon Mobil Senior Vice President Stuart McGill about this? Seems like they’re going to burn the wood of their forests to accomplish this goal. I hope it grows back!
8. ‘New populists’ vs. the West — Haven’t read this one, but seems important/interesting enough to come back to. —

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  1. February 11, 2006 3:06 PM

    Are we reaching the ‘tipping point’ for the Bush Admin? Of course, I’ve thought this before, but now that Cheney is “officially” implicated in Plamegate, things seem to be spiraling out of control. Even their ‘thwarted terrorist attack diversion’ couldn’t hold off the Libby onslaught. I think all that can save Bush now is another…I’m not going to say it.

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