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Read the Headlines, Suckers — Today's the Deadline — Your Head is Way Past Bedtime

February 8, 2006

1. In Haiti: “The people have voted massively.”Scuffles Break Out As Haitians Cast Votes — Not without incident. mile-long linespeacekeepers crouching behind machine gunsfrustrated votersSeveral women faint[ing] — But the Haitians take democracy seriously. — “If these elections are not fair and if the person whom the population wants doesn’t win, houses will burn and heads will be cut off.” — Strong words, but does this event not lend credulity to the hypothesis that Liberal Democracy is the natural state toward which human societies drive? Does it not tell US that we have to reign in the Power Seekers that now dominate our government, and increasingly our lives?
2. Even if you don’t think you need read part two after yesterday’s offering, here is the bottom half of Maureen Farrell’s Top 10 ‘Conspiracy Theories’ about George W. Bush
3. Bottled Water: Nectar of the Frauds?Consumers spend a collective $100 billion every year on bottled water . . . For a fraction of that sum, everyone on the planet could have safe drinking water and proper sanitation…
4. OK, so I was talking out of my ass when I said I didn’t think Chavez would just stop supplying US with oil. — Hugo Chavez Steps Up Threats to Sell Off Venezuela Oil Refineries in U.S. …and divert U.S. oil exports to other countries.
5. N.J. starts bomb-screening of train riders — Test program… for now.
6. WTO: EU Broke International Trade Rules — for banning genetically modified foods.
7. Cue Pat Robertson! — Rare Chlamydia Strain Infecting Gay Men
8. An image.

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