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Anybody Else Have a Problem With the Head of the Department of Justice and Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Federal Government, the Attorney General, Shilling In Defense of Potentially Unlawful Activities Undertaken by the Federal Government?

January 25, 2006

Well, the title just about says it all. But this picture from the New York Times has something to add:

Gonzales Protesters (New York Times)
Given the care our rulers always take in presenting their message— think of backdrops declaring things like “Securing Our Economic Future” or “Moving America Forward” or “Protecting the Homeland” or “Mission Accomplished” —I think it is safe to say that this was not the image they were going for yesterday. [Note: the backdrop behind Gonzales says simply, “Georgetown Law Forum”]

This is what the AG had to say: Prepared Remarks for Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales at the Georgetown University Law Center (01-24-06)

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