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Evils of Advertising: Beer

January 6, 2006

An interesting study. Turns out when alcohol companies spend more on advertising young people drink more, including those underage: Alcohol Ads Fuel Young Adults’ Drinking

The survey contradicts claims by the alcohol industry “that advertising is unrelated to youth drinking amounts: that advertising at best causes brand switching, only affects those older than the legal drinking age or is effectively countered by current educational efforts,”

Ok: I remember getting a Budweiser mirror for 100,000 skee-ball points, or some shit like that. I remember having a Budweiser bandanna. I remember doing a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle with my parents that was a picture of hundreds of Budweiser bottle caps. All of this before I turned twenty-one. And of course I remember countless Budweiser television commercials during football and basketall games.

And the first time I drank— you know, really drank to get drunk —I drank Budweiser. The real tragedy in all of this is that it would be years later before I realized that Budweiser is piss. It would be years later before I tasted legitimate beer.

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